Stubblefield on the north end would be the best place in my opinion.

You may be able to pick up a few around the farthest west 1097 bridge. The little bridge over the cove that runs up past Walden not the west side of the big bridge. I would make that a last resort though with a six year old due to the traffic at very high speeds along that section of road. Also that rip rap is full of rats and snakes and this is the time of year that snakes will be getting active.

on Hwy 105 april plaza marina is another and there is a park off 105 before you get to april plaza that they let you fish at

You can fish off the bank at April Plaza Marina on FM 105, for a small fee……….Peeled shrimp dipped in Premo catfish bait is good, along with fresh cut shad……..Capt. Wayne

City Park.

Banana Bay

bulkheads near JITB

Scott’s Ridge

Bank fishing Lake Conroe
Like you, I am sure, I have often been asked about bank fishing Lake Conroe. Because of all the commercial and residential construction people believe there is no where to bank fish. Not true… I have written an article about it and thought I would give out a little preview of where one can bank fish before it gets printed.

There are about 46 miles of shoreline on Lake Conroe that you can bank fish, you have to walk some to get to them, but on a good day it can be worth it.

First you will need to look at the map. Go here:…008_e-size.pdf

Now that you have the map look for FM 1375 coming out of New Waverly, before you get to the bridge you will see Forest Road 233 and you will turn north. When you come to the dead end you will turn west and stay on 233. Eventually, it will come to another dead end at Forest Road 222. A left turn takes you down to the lake. If you turn right it takes you to 222A which is a little farther up the lake to another fishing spot.

If your choice is to fish the west side of the lake then follow FM 1375 west across the bridge, until you see where Forest Road 215 crosses. You will turn south and 215 will turn into 204. Turn east at 204A and you will come to a location that is almost directly across from the Cagle Campground.

If you turn back east when you reach Forest Road 248 and turn right when it comes to a dead end, you will end up just a little way below the Cagle Campground. Turning left will also get you to the lake but it will be a longer walk.

Follow 204 until you reach the end and you will be directly across from Scotts Ridge. Well, not exactly but close enough to walk down.

You can also go up to Stubblefield where there is a campground, restrooms, parking and a primitive boat launch. It is only for shallow water craft. Stubblefield has a nice fishing area on the bridge that is very popular. You can also hike up and down the banks for as far as you wish. Remember though, that there is a fee for day use of the campground.

1. Portions of these roads are designated “seasonal”. You may or may not want to travel them during hunting season. Do so at your own risk.
2. With the exception of Stubblefield, there are no facilities of any kind at any of these locations. No restrooms, no boat launch, no parking lot. You might however be able to launch a canoe or kayak.
3. Be very careful of dropoffs. Before the lake was there it was a hilly area and you could step off into deep water at any point.